Client Spotlight

Get to know our friend and client, Carly Robinson!  We are inspired by her commitment and dedication to herself and her family!

How and why did you get started with barre at RISE?
I had recently moved to Pennsylvania after a bumpy year in Maryland.  A third baby, a career change and 2 new jobs for my husband had sent all self care out the window.  I was stressed and tired and not feeling like myself.  I knew I needed to make a change but wasn’t sure what it was.  My sister in law was telling me about how much she loved barre and how it was such a great workout.   I tagged along with her to a Tuesday night class.  After my first class, I remembered thinking this workout is ridiculously hard and I was terrible at it!  I could barely do any of the moves and I was exhausted.  Despite doing horribly, something about the workout made me want to come back.  Everyone there was so supportive and the workout wasn’t like anything I had tried before.   Five months later and I’m hooked.  Now, I love starting my day with a barre workout.
What changes have you discovered, both in mind and in body?
The year after my third baby was born, I gained a lot of weight.  I basically ate my way through post baby hormones… and it showed! I was unhappy with the way I felt.   I started doing barre in January.  Since then I have lost 20 lbs and the shape of my body has changed a lot! When they say small moves big changes, they aren’t kidding.  I didn’t realize just how much barre changes your body until I compared my before and after pictures.  This workout really works!
I think the biggest reward from taking classes at RISE is how much better I feel mentally.  I feel like the hour I take for myself each morning puts me in such a better place to start my day!
What do you love most about RISE?
I love that even though it is a very personal journey I always feel so supported at RISE.  My success is completely dependent on my decisions to get up and come to class.  However, I know once I get there, I am surrounded by really amazing women.  From the moment you walk in, people know your name and make you feel welcomed.  The instructors make it a point to recognize you in class and give you pointers on what you can do better.  It’s like the Cheers bar… you want to go where everybody knows your name!
What would you like to share about your own personal journey?
I have a tendency to cycle through workouts and diets.  I get really into something for a month or two and then stop going.  This is the first workout that I can see myself doing long term.  I don’t feel like I am just doing this to lose weight or because I want to get into a smaller size.  This workout makes me feel stronger, both inside and out!

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